drug free labour pain relief


The Fremom TENS unit is easily held in the palm of one hand. At the onset of labour simply apply the two long electrodes to your back and switch on the TENS unit. You will feel a pleasant pulsing sensation. This will help to raise the levels of your own pain relieving chemicals known as endorphins. When experiencing a contraction, you press the booster button for the extra surge of power needed to combat the pain. When the contraction ends, release the booster button, its that simple!
TENS enables you to stay at home longer by letting you relax and stay in control of your labour.

How it works

The mother and support person, are taught how to use the Fremom stimulator and are encouraged to experience the sensation during the demonstration. The unit is hired out at approximately 37 weeks of pregnancy. You are encouraged to become familiar with the unit and the application of the electrodes, before labour commences. TENS has
been found to reduce the need for analgesia use in labour.

Check with your doctor if you have a pacemaker or heart disease.